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Latest News

169 12th Ave.  Seattle, WA  98122
Hours: 10:00a.m. – 3:00p.m., Monday - Friday
Agency contacts: Director Kathleen McKay @ 206-621-0945
OLL Parish contact: Morrie @ 524-3974
St. Francis House serves the poor of Seattle by collecting clothing, household items and furniture, and distributing them to those in need at no charge.  It also operates a daily snack bar.  Volunteers work directly with clients to help with such tasks as providing sandwiches, pouring coffee, driving a pick up van, sorting clothes and household items and filling orders for clients.



A Brief History of St. Francis House in Seattle

The following historical record is recounted by Don Melchior, an OLL parishioner and founder of the St. Francis House chapter in Seattle.


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